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Successful Delivery of 21 Sets of EGCS to FMPC/FS, the largest order of ContiOcean Group


On November 23, 2021, the EGCS made by ContiOcean and installed on  "FMPC C MELODY" completed its sea trial in Zhoushan, China, all indicators fully met the specification requirement of International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC (68) - scheme B. With the successful sea trial of "FMPC C MELODY", All of the 21 sets of EGCS customized by ContiOcean Group for FMPC/FS have been installed and delivered successfully.

In May 2019, ContiOcean Group signed the 21 Sets of EGCS contract with FMPC/FS. In the past two and half years, we experienced the biggest oil price fluctuation in the history of the world, and experienced a trade war between China and the United States, and experienced the global economy slowdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Nevertheless, these factors did not weaken FMPC’s  confidence on ContiOcean. The relationship between FMPC/FS and ContiOcean Group has been further enhanced through close contact and sincere cooperation. The first EGCS had been delivered within a year after the signing of the contract. Despite the epidemic in 2020, ContiOcean Group had overcome great difficulties and delivered 18 sets of EGCS. The last two sets of EGCS had been completed and delivered in 2021.

The successful delivery of all 21 sets FMPC/FS’s EGCS has further enhanced the leading position of ContiOcean Group in the industry in terms of execution of big projects, capability in big customers’ orders delivery, which fully reflects the competitive strength and the commitment of ContiOcean Group in terms of strategy, technology and manufacturing capacity.

FMPC/FS’s ships including BULK-CAPE, BULK-PANAMAX and VLCC; They are certified by ABS, CCS, BV; What is more challenging is that in order to realize that 21 ships meet the stringent requirement under the "sulfur restriction order" as soon as possible, FMPC booked shipyard spaces in six ship repairing plants. ContiOcean Group liaised with various parties at same time, fighting on multiple lines and race against time in terms of modification design, production design, and scheme design. Thanks to its dedicated team, its well-established global supply chain and the close relationship and cooperation with shipyards for on-site installation,  ContiOcean Group had finally and successfully delivered all EGCS products on time, with good quality.

While enabling customers to meet their commitment to the marine environment protection, ContiOcean Group also help our customers in reducing their operating costs to the greatest extent, realizing a win-win situation of satisfying both corporate social responsibility and customers' economic interests, which also  injects more vitality for ContiOcean in pursuing  "BLUE OCEAN, BLUE DREAM, BLUE MISSION".