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Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

Product Comparison
Item ContiOcean Product Other Product
1 Material of Scrubber tower Alloy 31 is chosen as the main material due to the excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. SMO 254, the main material may lead to the corrosion of the scrubber tower after a long period of use.
2 Scrubber tower structure and installation Scrubber tower chooses welded or bolted connection instead of flange to avoid leakage. Scrubber tower uses flange connection which may cause water leakage. Scrubber tower higher than 10m is supported by 4 I-beams.
3 Scrubber tower connection and interface Scrubber tower will be customized designed during engineering design process to achieve the best effect of . Allinlets are designed with 10-degree angle of inclination to avoid accumulated water. Scrubber tower design is fixed and engineering design company can only conduct retrofitting according to designed pipeline. In this case, best retrofitting design can not be guaranteed.
4 Water draining Drain water outlet diameter is 1.5 times bigger than inlet and cone angle for draining at the bottom is 65°, which can avoid accumulated water. Drain water outlet diameter is 1.3 times bigger than inlet and cone angle for draining at the bottom is 70-75°, which may cause accumulated water.
5 Packing Packing has random inclined structure with 20%back pressure.
6 Spray nozzle No movable parts. In some designs, there're rotating blades installed inside spraynozzle.
7 Hardware-in-the-loop test (HIL test) ContiOcean cooperates with DNV-GL to conduct HILtest. HIL test can simulate working conditions of the workshop before installation and ensure the reliability of electrical control system, which can greatly save the commissioning time.
Design drawings