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Ultra-high pressure water derusting robot of ContiOcean Group has been put into large-scale application


On May 27, 2020, A shiprepairing and construction base in the north, several ultra-high pressure water derusting robots were working on a rusty containership in the dock. Where the robot passes, the steel plate is brand-new, and the rust removal waste water is recycled automatically; the dock bottom in the cabin is clean and tidy, and the operators work like in idle court. It's hard to imagine that this was once the most labor-intensive, least efficient and most polluting maintenance project in the shipyard. The strong involvement and strong promotion of ContiOcean Group in the marine environmental protection industry have changed this situation rapidly.

ContiOcean Group is a practitioner of the national energy  conservation and environmental protection strategic planning, relying on its vast customer base and good corporate image in the shipbuilding industry, with its strong technical R & D strength, actively layout the green shipbuilding industry. In the R & D and promotion of UHP water derusting robot, DISCON was established in Singapore in cooperation with American dynamic innovative solutions and ContiOcean Group, and two mature UHP water derusting robot products were rapidly launched: "Bumblebee" series, "Mantis" series.

Recently, the second generation of Enviroguard "Mantis" product launched by DISCON is carrying the ultra-high pressure water pump of Zhoushan Yuanke Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. in A shiprepairing and construction base in the north. The two companies are strong in combination and perfect cooperation, which has caused a "green" storm in the domestic ship repair industry.

In addition to the "Bumblebee"and "Mantis" series, the products developed by DISCON can also be customized for R & D and production according to customers' needs, and multiple machines can be operated by one person and the same screen. DISCON's products are safe, convenient and efficient compared with the combination of high-pressure water pump and high-altitude hydraulic vehicle on the market at present. The derusting wastewater can be recycled and treated immediately, and it can effectively deal with the operation environment that cannot be reached by traditional methods such as deep tank, high-altitude and air tight tank.Truly meet the actual needs of the shipyard, help the enterprise to develop green, and practice the national environmental protection concept!

Product introduction:

DISCON's enviro-guard ultra-high pressure water rust removal robot uses rotating high-pressure water flow to remove the hull surface coating. At the same time, the waste water and waste produced are recycled by vacuum pumping system to ensure the cleanness of dock and environment. DISCON's ultra-high pressure water derusting robot has a number of advanced technologies: it uses the patented air gap technology, which can ensure that the derusting robot can walk freely on the magnetic metal surface without damaging the treated surface;  its WJ2 full spray technology can make the treated surface reach near white Metal removal effect (NACE standard); it can also use ultra sweep technology to selectively remove metal surface. Through these advanced technologies, the treated surface can be clean and free of residue, the working environment is safe and quiet, the production efficiency is high, and the personnel demand is small. At the same time, the simultaneous operation of adjacent areas can be possible.

DISCON’s "Bumblebee" series productsare characterized by light and flexible, remote control operation, quick response, small size, reliable adsorption and high cost performance. Although the size is only 102 * 150 * 79cm and the mass is only 100kg, the magnetic attraction can reach 80MPa. At the same time, "Bumblebee" applies 4-wheel drive and intelligent slip steering technology, with a proprietary 25cm spray bar, which can operate in a narrower space and in any direction. Its walking speed can be set according to the actual working situation. According to the coating thickness and the capacity of the ultra-high pressure pump, the rust removal speed can reach 20-30 m²/h.

DISCON’s "Mantis" series products are the high-power version of "Bumblebee" series, with higher efficiency and faster speed of rust removal. The derusting speed in normal mode is up to 90 m²/h, and that in ultra sweep mode is up to 185 m²/h.

Introduction to partners

Zhou Shan Yuan Ke Environmental Engineering CO.,LTD is the third one in the world and the first one in China to serve in the ship industry (based on the standard of being able to do a comprehensive cleaning and derusting engineering construction for cruise ships). Relying on the shipping and cruise specialty of Shanghai Maritime University, the company has entered the field of ultra-high pressure water coating in the ship industry since 2016, mainly engaged in ship paint removal and rust removal, environmental protection engineering, ship repair and construction, ship machinery and equipment sales and leasing, etc.

The company has more than 60 sets of 3000kg ultra-high pressure pumps and the world's top ultra-high pressure water automation robot. The ultra-high pressure water jet technology + high-end robot products are used to directly solve the problem of air pollution (dust), improve the work efficiency of unit personnel, reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, improve the overall production safety, and improve the engineering efficiency and process quality.

The company's business covers many kinds of military industry, cruise ship, merchant ship, etc. to solve the environmental protection and efficiency problems in ship repair, provide shipyard and shipowner with a package of environmental protection coating solutions, and is the pioneer of ultra-high pressure water construction in China's shipbuilding industry. The main customers are Zhoushan COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd., China Resources Dadong Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Nanyangstar Shipping Co., Ltd., etc.