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Gift for National Day -- The cooperation between ContiOcean and Brightsky has achieved excellent result.


In the morning of October 4th2019, when people were celebrating the 70th Anniversary of ChinaNational Day, Shanghai ContiOcean and Wuxi Brightsky worked and cooperated dayand night to complete the joint commissioning test for EGCS and BWTS installedon vessel SANKO FORTUNE within 24 hours and successfully passed the acceptancecheck of Class ABS, which was the best gift for the 70th Anniversaryof the Motherland.

Since the signing of the strategiccooperation agreement on July this year, ContiOcean and Brightsky have beenconducting multi-level and comprehensive cooperation and communication intechnology, marketing and product etc., and the installation of EGCS and BWTSfor SANKO FORTUNE gives a good example of the remarkable cooperation. The carefulcommunication between the two sides in 3D scanning, drawing modeling, technicalspecifications, as well as the coordination and mutual support in the on-siteinstallation process eventually led to the successful completion of the seatrial commissioning test.

The successful passing of this sea trial also depends on the on-site supervision and coordination service of Captain Yu of FPS MARINE,the diligent work and full cooperation of cosco dalian shipping company, and the professional ability and dedication of ABS classification society.

The completion of this sea trial marks the32th EGCS that ContiOcean delivered to customer and the 305th BWTSthat Brightsky delivered to customer.

It should be pointed outthat SANKO FORTUNE is the first Panamax bulk carrier that installed with bothEGCS and BWTS. This is also the first time that both sides install EGCS andBWTS for Japanese customer, which has far-reaching exemplary and pioneering significance.