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1st ESD delivered successfully by ContiOcean


On July 8th, 2022, the ESD system, which was designed, manufactured, and installed by ContiOcean for a famous shipping company in Singapore was delivered successfully. The installed ESD was Self-developed designed by ContiOcean and using advanced assembly technology. In the context of the repeatedepidemic, our ContiOcean team adheres to the principle of customer first, with innovative thinking and craftsmanship, reducing the original 8-day construction period to five days.

In recent years, with the shipping market paying more attention to the energy-saving technology of hydrodynamics, ContiOcean planned to make a large amount of investment and a large number of ESD research and development, including design, CFD performance prediction, model test verification, manufacturing, and Sea test verification, etc. . (The development process for ESD is shown in figure 2).

According to the calculation and pool test of the energy-saving package tailor-made for vessel Mount Dampier by ContiOcean, the energy-saving efficiency can reach 6.7%, and the energy-saving of PSV and HAVF is about 4.7% and 2.6% respectively. Based on the price of ordinary heavy oil at US$480/ton and low sulfur oil at US$1,000/ton at that date (2022/7/19), and the ship operating at sea for 250 days and sailing for 300 days per year, the investment of ESD can be recovered within 8.5 months when the ship is at PME=9,757kW (83% of MCR Lim) EPL.

With the enterprise spirit of pursuing excellence and never-ending, ContiOcean Group constantly researches new technologies in the field of marine environmental protection science and technology, takes promoting green energy and protecting the blue earth as its mission, and strives to provide customers with the most sophisticated equipment and the most efficient and high-quality services.